Thursday, January 27, 2011

Commerical Real Estate in Buderim

Following on from my commercial real estate post on Maroochydore I took a ride in Buderim and snapped some pictures of vacant shops. Buderim is a great little town however over the last 6 months we have been witnessing more and more vacant shops come up for lease.
 Beautiful and prime offices vacant for many weeks.

It was a sad loss of the pizza shop upstairs.

All the pictures above are from the main street within about an area of 400m.

The growing vacancy rates in Buderim and around the sunshine coast is the fore shadow of what is coming. Shop are first to go, along with their jobs. Mortgage stress which is here already escalates. I have spoken with a few small business owner across the state over the last few days, from Toowoomba, Emerald and here in the Sunshine Coast and the story is all the same. Business is very very hard. Very little has happened since before Christmas and the feeling is that they're expecting it to be like this for the next few months.

I hope they can hold out, I hope they can survive - but it's on it's last leg for many.

I'll get to Mooloolaba over the next week or so and show you the vacant shops down there - I think they have the most - but we'll see.

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